Marketing Foundations Inc.


Our Philosophy

We believe that every assignment Marketing Foundations undertakes should result in our clients acquiring the knowledge and developing the marketing skills they need for making better decisions-both now and in the future. MFI speeds and enhances the knowledge transfer process by using cutting-edge, accelerated learning tools such as computer-based simulations and dynamic decision-making tools.

We surpass competitive offerings by combining real-life marketing management experience with sophisticated marketing concepts and theory. Unlike other consulting companies, we don't just give our clients "the answer" to their problem and then walk away. We don't "move in" with our clients thereby losing our objectivity and perspective. MFI acts as a marketing conscience for companies by guiding them through a decision-making process. Whether setting prices, developing advertising strategies, designing distribution channels, choosing market segments or allocating company resources, we make sure that the right questions are asked and that decisions are made in an unbiased, informed, analytical way.

In our seminars, workshops, market research projects and planning sessions, our four overriding objectives are to:

  • Advocate a strategic marketing orientation in company planning regardless of functional responsibility.
  • Provide the client with an analytical framework for developing, pricing, promoting and distributing their products and services.
  • Train managers to use the marketing tools and concepts that will help them make more effective and profitable marketing decisions by maintaining a long-term strategic perspective.
  • Provide a forum for participants to discuss their marketing problems and use the collective experience and knowledge of their peers along with MFI consultants to find better solutions to their marketing challenges.