Marketing Foundations Inc.


Our Clients

Our clients represent a broad selection of domestic and international companies. We have completed consulting assignments and delivered executive training programs for companies and universities including:

  • Pfizer Inc
  • McCann-Erickson WorldWide (US, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East)
  • Time, Inc.
  • Nestle (Greece and Poland)
  • Kodak
  • Unilever (UK)
  • American Express
  • General Electric
  • Xerox
  • National Insurance Corporation (Tanzania)
  • Tanzania Revenue Authority
  • Ericsson Electronics
  • Ram Mobile Data (UK)
  • Lotus Development Corp.
  • International Computers Ltd.(UK)
  • Scientific Atlanta
  • Digital Equipment Co.(Germany)
  • Celtic Life Insurance Co.
  • Zurich Group
  • Institut Superieur de Gestion (Paris)
  • The International School of Management (Paris)
  • The College of Insurance
  • New York University


Recent Projects


Designed, developed and delivered a series of marketing seminars and workshops to assist cross-functional marketing teams in developing and executing advertising strategies, designing and implementing channel strategies, and setting prices. Teams from divisions across Kodak, including Consumer Imaging, Digital Imaging and Product Development and Commercialization have used this program to improve their marketing decision-making.

These facilitated workshops are designed to develop a common language and understanding of the marketing concepts important to making the decision facing the team, and then to lead the team to a decision by applying a process of market analysis. The result is that teams make better decisions and they learn the process along the way so they can apply it in future situations.

McCann-Erickson Worldwide
Designed, developed and delivered a seminar in Strategic Marketing and Communications. This four-day seminar was designed to train account executives, media mangers and creative managers in the marketing terminology, concepts and processes used by today's leading marketing companies when developing marketing strategies. The emphasis in this course is on identifying, analyzing and solving marketing problems. A major feature of this program is the use of a state-of-the-art computer simulation we developed in partnership with McCann-Erickson and Unilever. Participants have the opportunity to practice strategic planning and marketing management in a dynamic, competitive computer simulated environment. The Global Marketing Game models a global consumer market and provides an involving and entertaining learning experience.

Pfizer Inc
Consulted with the Consumer Marketing Group in the ethical pharmaceutical division. Worked with team leaders to develop strategies and 2002 operating plans for Media Management, Multicultural Marketing, Consumer Relationship Marketing and Sponsorship & Events. Consulted with Group leader to re-organize multicultural marketing efforts around a multidisciplinary approach.

Tanzania Revenue Authority
Consulted with the Tanzania Revenue Authority to develop and implement a public relations campaign focusing on improved customer service by tax collection personnel. A large part of the Taxpayer Education Initiative was the development and delivery of public relations and customer service workshops for 60 taxpayer education officers located in each of the thirty tax regions of Tanzania. Additional work continues on creating internal and external communication programs.